Celebration Every Kind Of People with June Sarpong MBE

'Six Degrees of Separation' This will be an engaging and informative evening from TV Presenter, author and co-founder of the Women’s inspiration and Enterprise Network, June Sarpong, MBE comes with an empowering call to arms, which argues the case for how limited we are by social division, while inspiring us to make change.
In diversity, June puts the spotlight on six marginalised groups. Some of which include: Disenfranchised mates, women, those living with disabilities, and the LGBTQ community, and reveals how the lack of inclusivity limits our economy, our society and us as individuals.
Drawing on her own unique experiences, case studies and hard statistics from leading academic institutions and organisations (including Oxford University and Rice University in Texas USA) June Sarpong demonstrates how by changing our approach, we can reach our maximum potential.

Event Participants:
Saturday, February 10, 2018 - 06:30 pm